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APM Gas Shock Absorber (REAR- Left& Right) For Proton Saga BLM, SAVVY

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APM Gas Shock Absorber 

  • Model : U 2149 M
  • For Proton Saga BLM, SAVVY
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Product Description: 

  • Excessive shaking on an unpaved road.
  • Unstable ride at high speed.
  • Excessive pitching action.
  • Excessive nose dive and squat during acceleration and braking.
  • Longer stopping distance.
  • Tyre bouncing on a bumpy road.
  • Wear out on the tyre shoulder.
  • Bad fuel consumption.
  • Never hold a shaft with pliers or in a vice as this will damage the shock absorbers causing oil leakage.
  • Always use a new lock nut upon replacing with new shocks.
  • When installing a brake hose, make sure you release the bubbles on all brake hoses.
  • Always use a torque wrench when tightening the lock nut.

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