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ATF Automatic Transmission Fuel Oil 3317 - Suzuki (1Litre)

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Suzuki Automatic Transmission Oil 3317

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Fluid Level Check

Driving with too much or too little fluid can damage the transmission.

You must check the fluid level with the automatic transmission fluid at normal operating temperature.

To check the fluid level: 1) To warm up the transmission fluid, drive the vehicle or idle the engine until the temperature gauge indicates normal operating temperature.

2) Then drive for ten more minutes.

Be sure to use the specified automatic transmission fluid. Using automatic transmission fluid other than SUZUKI ATF 3317 or Mobil ATF 3309 may damage the automatic transmission of your vehicle.

Do not check the fluid level if you have just driven the vehicle for a long time at high speed, if you have driven in city traffic in hot weather, or if the vehicle has been pulling a trailer. Wait until the fluid cools down (about 30 minutes), or the fluid level indication will not be correct.

3) Park your vehicle on level ground.

4) Apply the parking brake and then start the engine in “P” (Park). Let it idle for two minutes and keep it running during the fluid level check.

5) With your foot on the brake pedal, move the gearshift lever through each gear, pausing for about three seconds in each range. Then move it back to the “P” (Park) position.

Be sure to depress the brake pedal WARNING:
Be sure to depress the brake pedal when moving the gearshift lever, or the vehicle can move suddenly.

6) Remove the dipstick, clean it and push it back in until the cap seats. Pull out the dipstick and read the fluid level.

The fluid level should be between the two marks in the “HOT” range on the dipstick.

7) Add just enough specified fluid through the dipstick hole to fill the transmission to the proper level

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