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Hardex 4D Penetrant & Lubricant Spray (400ml)

RM 21.30 RM 55.00

An all purpose indusrial performance, versatile lubricant spray that workson metal, rubber, wood, glass, painted surface and others substances.


  • Penetrant- Penetrates quickly to loosen corroded nuts, bolts, fasteners screw and sliding part.
  • Spray Lubricant- Lubricates metal, plastic, rubber and others moving parrts 
  • Corrosion, Rust Inhibitor & Protectant- Depositing an ultra thin film that keep metal parts looking & operating like new 
  • Stop Squeaks and Reduces Friction
  • Moisture Retardant Formulation 

  • Shake the can well, spray directly on area where lubrication is needed, 15-20cm away and allow soak.

* * Only for West Malaysia

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